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I heard you say … bye, goodbye …
I closed my eyes and hid the pain,
I felt your steps across the afternoon
and my cowardly hands held back from trying to stop you
my heart wept for love …
And in the silence your voice resounded,
your beloved voice, far away and lost
your voice that was mine, your faint voice.

In the desolate nights tossed by the wind
the cold stars shine with remorse,
and I deluded myself that you would come back again
going back over time and oblivion.
I feel your steps returning along the friendly path
I hear you call to me full of deadly fatigue,
why, if I know that my desire is useless
never … never … you will come …

I saw you leave … you said goodbye …
I trembled with anguish and hid the pain,
after thinking you wouldn’t come back
I tried to reach out and you were no longer mine.
My heart… bled of love …
And in my memory echoed your voice,
your beloved voice, far away and lost
your voice, cold and numb… your faint voice…


3 videos, 3 different expressions

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