#2 Longin


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I want to get my heart drunk
to forget a crazy love
that more than love is suffering…

Here I come for that,
to erase old kisses
in the kisses of other lips…

If her love was «flower of a day”
why is it always mine
this cruel worry?

I want to raise my glass for both of us
to forget my obstinacy.
But I remember her even more

to hear her mad laughter
and feel next to my mouth
like a fire her breath.

of feeling abandoned
to feel that another by her side
will soon, soon talk to her about love…

I cannot lower myself,
nor ask her, nor beg
nor tell her that I can no longer live…

From my sad loneliness I will see
the dead roses of my youth fall

Moan, bandoneon, your grey tango,
maybe you will be hurt just the same
some sentimental love…

My puppet soul cries
alone and sad tonight
black and starless night…

If the drinks bring comfort
here I am with my sleeplessness
to drown them once and for all…

I want to get my heart drunk
so that later I can toast
«to the failures of love»


3 videos, 3 different expressions

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