#5 The facts
[Las cuarenta]


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With the cigarette of life pressed between the lips,
The gaze cloudy and cold, the walk a little slow,
he turned around the corner of the neighbourhood, already drunk with memories,
as if pouring out a poison, you could hear him utter low:
Old street of my neighbourhood where I took my first step,
I return to you, a deck in tatters, in useless shuffle,
With a dagger in my chest, with my dream in pieces,
That broke in an embrace that gave me the truth.

I learned all the bad,
I learned all the good,
I know of the kiss that is paid for
I know of the kiss that is given.
Of the friend who is a friend
as long as it suits him,
And I know that with a lot of money
one is worth much more.

I learned that in this life
you have to cry if others cry
And, if the band laughs,
one must laugh;

Don’t think even if mistaken
What’s the use?, if you live anyway!
And besides, you run the risk
of being baptised a fool!

The time I wanted to be good, they laughed in my face;
When I shouted an injustice, force silenced me;
Experience was my lover; disillusion, my friend…
Every letter has a counter and every counter is given!
Today I don’t even believe in myself. Everything is a trick, everything is false,
And that one, the one who is higher, is equal to the others…
That’s why, don’t be surprised if, some night, drunk,
you should see me pass arm in arm, with the one I shouldn’t pass arm with.


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