#8 Out all night


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Out all night
like every skull
who doesn’t see what’s coming,
who doesn’t know where he’s going.

I used to ignore
all your advice, my friend—
we almost became enemies
because you were honest with me.

They always were
my best companions,
the milonguero boys,
gamblers and something more,
and with them
I used to waste night after night
drinking, dancing, and partying
as my life just passed me by.

Out all night, I came to know
that name—now you know
I don’t want to repeat
what I told you last night.

I lost every last thing
all I kept of her
is the photo over there
that I don’t want to look at ever again.

Now that you know the whole story,
tomorrow when you come
you can take that photo,
throw it out or rip it up—

It’s all the same to me—
you can do whatever you want.
I don’t want to look at her anymore
or think about what she was to me.


3 videos, 3 different expressions

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