The Aim

The main goal is to build what we have baptised as “Podcasteka Tanguera” so that gradually each person who knows Argentine Tango or those who are starting on this path, can understand its poetry in their own language. Through Tango music and understanding the depth of the lyrics, alongside the dance, we can all complete our emotional journey through Tango.


Since the beginning of 2020, when Covid-19 paused the world and all Tango related events, our project was born from asking ourselves: what can we do that is not dancing nor teaching, but brings a side of Tango that completes the passion that we all carry inside for this wonderful art?
During our many years of international travelling, meeting many people with different cultures has led us to reflect on how many times we had to translate parts of tango lyrics in a class, at a table in a milonga or to explain the meaning of a song title. This is how we slowly started to create our project that today we can share with all of you.
Formula Tango Podcast is the result of many hours of listening to Tango fans who do not understand one of the fundamental pillars of Tango. Its lyrics. Its stories.
Formula Tango Podcast was born after countless hours of learning, designing, testing, deleting, re-testing again, researching the world of podcasts with countless meetings with our amazing team. Needless to say, everyone on our team carries many years of experience in Argentine Tango and are excited to share their translations of Tango lyrics with you.

The Content

Through our research of different platforms such as Applecast, Soundcloud, Spreaker, Spotify and others, we found that they were limiting, as we wanted to give you much more than just the simple audio track. We want to include essential information for each Tango lyric, making your experience more complete.
Hence why we run it through where you will be greeted with:

°Audio of the narrated lyrics
°Text on screen
°Option to print the text
°Information of the original version
°Summary of the author’s biography
°3 videos with different interpretations
**Each language also comes with Spanish content.

Your Participation

With your participation we will be able to offer you more!
You will help in generating work, supporting artists around the world, empathising with the aim of our project.
This will enable us to produce the first “Podcasteka Tanguera” in the world, and make it grow and stay alive.
Help us spread hope, connection, through the passion that connects us all.

Our Goals

° To expand and add many more languages.
° To bring Tango lyrics to every non-Spanish speaking enthusiast in their own language.
° To share the wonderful poetry of Tango not only to dancers but to all people around the world.
° To offer more translation work to artists around the world within the Tango communities.
° To create a simple, clear and accessible platform that shares fundamental information of Argentine tango; its wonderful lyrics.
°Sustain a fast, updated site that enables us to offer you the best quality at all times.

Thank you very much on behalf of the Formula Tango Podcast team.
Idea and general production: Lucila Cionci & Rodrigo “Joe” Corbata

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